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Project: Shilpa Indian Restaurant

After you’ve navigated through radiant shopping-laden King streets and pushed through the steam-sealing doors, you’ll be showered with ‘real connection’ as the scents of modern Indian cuisine diffuse along with the air from Shilpa Indian Restaurant’s kitchen. The ambience is carefully crafted with much love for the customers, the perfect music, lighting, artwork, and spacing harmonize to create comfort, intimacy and for some, even romance.

With that said, where do we come in? From a food utopia only known to a few around the community, Impetors have carefully cut a bespoke marketing plan behind the brand.

The Impetus? A Treat!

Combining Shilpa’s exquisite gilt-edged Indian cuisine with our marketing know-how, we created an awe-inspiring plan for the restaurant’s social platforms. Owing to the business-centric way in which it was presented, they were thrilled to go ahead with us. The magic started there. Consistent posts and engaging content aimed at realizing our client’s vision was our primary objective. Combine that with our passion and you get so many customers willing to come back for more food from a wider radius than they had ever had before. From here, we took on reputation management and making the overall picture of the brand as rosy as you would like it. Not merely rare or well-done, but the way you liked it!

The ripples of the marketing drive attracted the attention of the London Curry Awards 2019. Shilpa Indian Restaurant was awarded the coveted ‘Best dining experience of the year 2019’ and highly commended for their amazing food. At Impetors we really enjoy the icing on the cake more than the cake itself!