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The House of Spells
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Stepping into the tales of fantasies, The House of Spells is a mystic set-up, sprawled across two flamboyant floors on the hush and bush of Charring Cross, the thronging heart of London. The entire landscape of the venue has been decked up to fit the theme of fantasy. Stepping into the store alone assures a journey like never before. This is where we are today.

But the journey has taken more months than days to plan. The complete setups, strategy, look-and-feel has been brought to represent the brand. A truly other-worldly experience was what we planned for. A real treat for anyone who walked in through those doors, virtually and in person. We had a story to tell, we had an image to shout out.

Impetors Marketing Journey

The ‘Voyage’ – Another Solved Mystery?

These logs were found in the Captain’s vault in the ‘Impetus’, dubbed, the ‘enchanted starcraft’ following their recent unveiling of the ‘House of Spells’ to the public. Was it just another masterpiece orchestrated by the vivid imagination of an anonymous author, or is there something more to it? The dates say otherwise. The Impetors have created a map which visualizes this information at projected points within the journey. An alternate reality.

Entry 1: 6 earth days from Launch

The voyage was written. I remember this as bright as the crater on the nearest Jovian. The ‘Impetus’ was docked in what was known as the Quadrant A in the muggle world. The Order of Neith went by a different name. The Order always had different names.

We were docked in the Gorgon’s Eye; mere presence in this cosmic belt has an interesting effect on the muggle mind. The docking was in no way a mere coincidence. It was a grand scheme, conducted and notated to perfection. The reported observation of the ‘Great universal Chasm’ was the first domino to a series of significant events. They made a mockery of it at first. Repeated sightings had to be investigated, that was protocol. The commander was convinced. If there was the slightest chance that this could be true, this could be the greatest discovery of all time; the most prized relic, otherwise, a mere myth.

Entry 2: 14 Earth days from Launch.

The ‘Impetus’ lived by a common directive, calculated actions backed by meticulous research’.

Two handpicked veteran scout teams were sent out on a quest to scout the existing landscape and plausible routes towards the estimated location of the very rift in the space-time fabric. A survey of all similar forces in the region was another area of focus during the briefing. This expedition would take another 14 earth days. Valuable intel was collected from influential and powerful outposts in the region and relayed back to the earth. The B team, headed by the co-commander, was entrusted the responsibility of interpreting the data to give predictive pointers on the journey.

Entry 3: 40 earth days from Launch

The scout teams returned, and findings were presented to the commander. I knew what was going on. I watched and was overjoyed with the progress and brutal efficiency of the team.

Entry 4: 43 days from Launch

The design team and drafting team get to work on the final plans to the journey, timelines and the roadmap. The team at the ‘impetus’ know this fact, ‘the final journey is never the hardest part’. Proper preparation plays a crucial role. Admits of all this chaos, in the heart of the ship operates the marketers who give regular updates to the earth realm. Their dedication to keeping everyone at par with the proceedings of the mission deserves much more than a mention.

Entry 5: 54 days from Launch

On the previous day, the whole crew was asked to assemble wherein the team in command briefed us through the submitted blueprints and proposed course of the ship. I was surprised, but given the circumstances, I trusted the judgement of the team despite an unconventional route. The Order would have been proud. The unmatched efficiency of the journey for time and effort to get to the chasm was enough. It was quick.

Entry 6: 55 days from the Launch.

The time is now. The ‘Impetus’ thrusters were fired. The slingshot manoeuvre around Planet Xenos was currently authorized. The starship cruised elegantly on its mission.

Entry 7: 70 days from the Launch

The slingshot manoeuvre was initiated. The marketing ricocheted in volumes, echoing realms away. The fandom cheered, and cosmic energies conspired. The fabled ‘Great Universal Chasm’ was seen for the first time. It was official. The Order would simply recite, ‘It was written’. But let’s face it, the mission was set in stone had the ‘Impetus’ made its manoeuvre, and it did. There was one way ahead. Even the mighty Durothas’ curse was not enough to deter the iron resolved of the ‘Impetus’. I was being held captive in the lowest sector of the ship. I could feel it. They needed me. The ‘House of Spells’ called.

Entry 8: 75 days from the Launch

We had arrived at the “first annulus”. As expected, I was summoned. I was dubbed the ‘expert’, I was an elder wizard, now, a part of the ‘Impetus’ squad. The spell was weak, I could feel it. The otherworldly magic of the ‘House of Spells’ could even be sensed by the faint-hearted. As advised, the reversal spell worked like a charm. Space collapsed unto itself. The immortal twin dragon spirits guarding the gates to the ‘House of Spells’ are cursed by the spell of ‘servitude’. They are destined to serve the discoverers of the ‘House of Spells’, the people of the earth …

The ‘House of Spells’ is one of the wonders of the world. A mystical castle straight out of one’s wildest dreams is now a marvel open to all.

An ancient scroll once read, ‘While at the ‘House of Spells’, if you look around and listen carefully, you could hear faint voices saying, ‘No one can have enough collectables.’