Halloween is one of the favourite times of the year for everyone. Impetors Events provides a comprehensive event management service, using our knowledge and expertise to ensure every detail has been thought of. We can create a unique venue, mouth-watering menu, memorable entertainment and fabulous theme to suit your requirements, guest profile and budget. We can also add creative twists to make your company’s Christmas party stand out from the crowd.

Our Halloween Themed Event Services

  • Horror Film lookalikes
  • Halloween walkabout entertainment
  • Stilt Walkers
  • Halloween Contortionists
  • Party invites
  • Online guest registration management
  • Venue searching & Booking
  • Menu & wine selection

Story Behind HALLOWEEN and why do we do TRICK or TREAT?

Halloween is celebrated on October 31, each year. The origin of this festival originated from the ancient Celtic festival of SAMHAIN (shamhana). During this festival, people light Bonfires and wear costumes to wand off ghosts. In the 8th century, Pope Gregory III designated 1st of November as the time to honour all saints. This All Saints Day included some of Samhain traditions. The evening before was celebrated as ALL HALLOWS EVE and later it became HALLOWEEN!

It’s believed that trick or treating evolved from Samhain’s ritual where people dressed as ghosts and demons, performed dances around a bonfire and received treats to appease the evil spirits. Trick or treating can trace its roots back to 9th century Celtic Scotland and Ireland. In Scotland and Ireland, young people would visit their neighbours’ houses and perform a “trick” like singing a song, reciting a poem and be rewarded with a treat of nuts, fruit or coins.

We as your entertainment agency are more than happy to help you create the most talked-about Halloween event. Do call us at +44 333 998 8880 to discuss a booking!